Frosted Tint

Frosted tint is a kind of design that gives your glass a translucent appearance providing you with high privacy yet allowing partial of the sunlight to enter your room. It is suitable for both offices and houses.

Frosted tint can be either a plain translucent layer or with graphic design. Plain frosted price is from RM2.50 per s.f.

Plain frosted tint

Graphic design frosted tint starts from RM6 per s.f. It will definitely enhance your office and house appearance to become more trendy and artistic. Following are the designs we provide:

Sample 1:

Leaves design











Sample 2:

Triangular design


Sample 3:

Non-parallel design











Sample 4:

Rectangular design











Sample 5:

Wavy design











Sample 6:

Grass design











Sample 7:

Circular design











Sample 8:

Honeycomb design



Sample 9:

Rectangular design (horizontal form)

Rectangular design (vertical form)

Sample 10:

Linear design (horizontal form)

Linear design (vertical form)

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In order to place order:

  1.  Call us and we will pay a visit to your site and take measurement.
  2.  Provide you with a free quotation.
  3.  Once confirmed, it will be installed on the next coming day.
  4.  Payment will be required upon complete installation via online transfer or cash.
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