Window Tint For House, Office Or Factory

Everyone knows that it’s a common practice to install the tinted film on the vehicle. But do you know that it can also be applied to building windows such as your residential, office and industrial building?

Window tinted film is an inexpensive, attractive and convenient way to improve the quality of any interior space. Window tint film is a great way to block heat, glare and the ultraviolet ray of the sun passing through your window glass.

We have more than 14 years experience on window tint in Malaysia,  we can provide you the best price , best tint and best installation work .


1) Modern Reflective Film



  •  very shinning and reflective from outside
  • two different colour appear front and back of the tint
  • reflect more glare and heat entering into your premise
  • during day time, low visibility can see through from outside.



2) Non-Reflective Film


  • very soft  natural colour tint
  • clear visibility on the window, reserve all the view
  • high heat resistance, reduce glare and ultra violet
  • goods for environment



3) Frosted Film


  • it blocks the vision from looking inside and outside
  • with trendy design and color
  • special company logo design






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More Information :

  • Window Tint Price start from RM2.50 to RM13.00
  • our technician crew will go to your side and take the window measurement, then will provide you a free quotation.
  • all the window tint will be install at inside
  • Our technician crews are experience level to ensure high quality of workmanship
  • Our window Tint service cover the whole West Malaysia & Singapore

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